Whether you have been active for years, or are just embarking on a new journey towards fitness, Pilates is a discipline that will help you achieve your goals.  Clients of Cornerstone Pilates have a wide variety of backgrounds and fitness goals, from the professional athlete to the busy mom who just wants to make sure she is doing the DVD exercises properly to achieve the maximum benefit (and minimum risk).  If you are thinking of incorporating Pilates into your regimen, feel free to browse the “Why Pilates” and “What to Expect” tabs to see if this might be the place for you.

Cornerstone Pilates opened 12 years ago in an attempt to fill a niche that was missing in southwest Calgary.  The owner taught group classes at the Westside Rec Centre for several years, and during that time realized that a small percentage of Pilates students wanted more personal and private instruction.  A studio was built and the business of private and semi-private instruction began to grow.  After 4 busy years, a daughter with a passion for horses was the driving force behind a move to the country.  The studio closed and our family moved out to a farm northwest of Cochrane, Alberta.  After 8 years on the farm, Deanna moved in to Cochrane and is once again working with athletes in her home studio.  The love of teaching Pilates just can’t be ignored, and a smaller version of the old studio has been reborn.    


Private Pilates Instruction

The Owner

Deanna is a Stott-certified Pilates instructor located in Cochrane, Alberta.  She obtained her advanced level certification in 2004 and has been teaching for 18 years.  She is an actor, triathlete, singer, horseback rider and mother of two great girls.  Her passion is to help athletes, from the professional to the newly active adult, develop a stronger core and body awareness in order that they may excel in their sport of choice.